Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Anti-Gay Chicken Peddler Struts Into Chelsea

So this is an affront of multiple levels: It was bad enough that a chain like Olive Garden was doing business in a city filled with authentic Italian cuisine. But rather than being happy that the Chelsea location finally closed, now we’re being hit with yet another chain -- only this time it’s the most homophobic of them all. Will the locals tell Chick-fil-a to pluck off? Only time will tell.


JimmyD said...

I know so many gays who eat there. “It’s just so good!”
Even ΓΌber Gay, Guy Branum writes in his wonderful book:
[This is what I hate about the musical Wicked: At the moment when Elphaba is offered everything she ever desired by the Wizard, but also discovers he’s the person who’s been persecuting the animals in Oz, she refuses. She says, “But I don’t want it, I can’t want it anymore.” That’s just so political: “I can’t want it.” It’s a gay person who really loves Chick-fil-A not going to Chick-fil-A because Chick-fil-A doesn’t like gay people. Isn’t it infinitely more interesting to get the thing you want, then just realize you don’t want it anymore? What if you fought your whole life to get a Chick-fil-A sandwich, and when you finally bit into one, it wasn’t satisfying? That is not a good analogy, because their homophobic chicken is delicious, (12) but I think you get my point. Making a political choice isn’t interesting, but to discover that your frustrated, unrealized desire was actually more satisfying than the absence of desire: That’s chilling.

12. The only thing worse than their hatred for my sexuality is the fact that they’re closed on Sundays, giving me one less day to guiltily enjoy their succulent, Christ-fearing chicken.]

JimmyD said...

I heard this argument so many time when someone is called out for supporting something that goes against their best interests:
“Yeah... but...” and they go into detail why it’s different for them.

Jeff M. said...

There's an incredible amount of street traffic on both 6th Avenue and 23rd St. Around the corner is a high school. It's Chelsea, but not the very gay part of Chelsea. Nor is Chelsea as gay as it once was -- just spend a few minutes in Trader Joe.

I'd like to think they won't do well. I don't really think that is true.

Unknown said...

For goodness's sake, LEARN to FRY YOUR OWN CHICKEN! If you do it right--and it ain't rocket science--it's better than anything Chick-Fil-A-Hole will be able to dish out. If you want my recipe, let me know. It *does* involve an overnight marination in buttermilk and whole-grain mustard, but you yourself would probably enjoy such a marination.

Unknown said...

What is wrong with a chain restaurant. Okay there are authentic Italian restaurants. I’m not a big fan of Olive Garden but every once in a while they have a dish or two I enjoy, & they have some I don’t enjoy. It’s the same with authentic Italian restaurants. There’s food from them I enjoy & some I don’t. Chain restaurants aren’t a crime. And I’m happy chick fil a is coming to the area now I don’t have to go all the way to 36th and 6th.

Reading Is Fundamental said...

@Unknown 2: It's pretty clear why you don't want to sign your name to this post. Wow. #readingcomprehension