Saturday, June 01, 2019

Weekend Report

New York Post: Husband of missing mom Jennifer Dulos allegedly owed $1 million to mother-in-law

Page Six: Chicago prosecutors asked cops to stop investigating Jussie Smollett

CNN: Former first lady Rosalynn Carter says we are at the beginning of a global mental health revolution

Politico: The Trump administration plans to launch a new panel to offer "fresh thinking" on international human rights and ''natural law," a move some activists fear is aimed at narrowing protections for women and members of the LGBT community

Instagram: I guess when you have an ass like that, it makes sense to do everything naked


JimmyD said...

Bummer The Daily Beast story is a Members Only link :(

Myk said...

re: your man in uniform (always welcome a repeat performance from him!): it's true about Marines and Fridays. I work with lots of active duty service members. On Fridays, it's "casual." So I walk in to the office one Friday and there's Gunny in his Charlies. "Good morning," says Gunny. I stopped, gave him the once over, and said "good morning, Gunny - don't you look pretty today." His eyes pop open and he exclaims "Marines don't look pretty, they look like Marines!" I mumbled "yummy" and went to my desk. Mercifully he's a good guy. Still mutters "pretty" some Fridays when he's leaving after a conversation.