Monday, June 24, 2019

Sad Sacks of the World Unite

I must say that for all the horror stories you hear about the internet, it has been extremely kind to me. Not only has it given this behind-the-scenes copy-editor type an outlet to stand center stage when the mood strikes me, it has connected me with hundreds of incredible people -- including several of my best friends here in New York and (in a roundabout way) my boyfriend. (It's also how Damian and I found Harvey!) And while my blog has never been a site with a particularly active comments section, I frequently meet people in person and get lots of emails from sweet readers letting me know how much they appreciate my efforts. More often than not it’s to tell me that an old song or television show I mentioned was something they also remembered fondly, or that they thought they were “the only one” who felt some way about something. In these dark days, it's a nice way to not feel so alone -- and to be be reminded that there are still plenty of good people out there besides my immediate circle.

So with this in mind, you can only imagine my reaction when I received this comment in response to my remembrance about actor David Oliver, whom we lost way too early AIDS. It's unsettling to think that there are actually people so sad in this world that they would go to the trouble of composing such drivel instead of spending their time doing something they too enjoy -- or perhaps even sadder that this is their idea of enjoyment. 

To the rest of you, thanks for all your love and support. xo


Jinxy said...

What blog was this on? Loved David Oliver in a "A Year in the Life" on NBC.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

It was here. I added the link to the post, too.

Matthew said...

Kenneth, I was just being honest. xo

TennisMatt said...

I know it was sad, with the subject matter, and rude-ish with the post in and of itself, but more than anything that was funny. Maybe not funny ha ha, but funny oh lord for sure.
First of all, the guy's name is Pesitlence?
And he's mad because someone who died of AIDS is being remembered fondly? OK then. And that you didn't mention everyone one of the other millions of people who also died? That seems reasonable.
Lastly, I did know you had a comments section until just now. If I had a blog I definitely would not. (said the guy who wrote a comment)

Jinxy said...

I commented on that page when you posted it on 2017. :)

jaragon said...

That guy seems is obviously bitter

Nate said...

I read your blog daily - thank you for all you do! I enjoy your take on the news and views of the boys!

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