Monday, May 27, 2019

Remains of the Day (05/27)

The Randy Report: I haven't watched "Pose" so far, but new trailers show the series jumps to 1990 in its second season

ICYMI: Former Rep. Aaron Schock bares all in sexy video, but his hypocritical ass is definitely where it's at

Associated Press: Arkansas newspaper gambles on free iPads as the future

Towleroad: Older gay men look back at their past loves and relationships

Queerty: Totally straight Indiana politician Don Boys is obsessed with Pete Buttigieg's kinks

The Daily News: Funeral held for child who died in U.S. custody, mother unable to attend

New York Post: Two high school grads killed exploring Peru on senior trip

ICYMI: Would love to the AIDS Memorial write up the late Rusty King, who was deputy editor on the New York Times news desk before the disease took his life at 45

NewNowNext: "Magic Mike" musical cancels premiere amid backstage drama

The Daily Beast: Architect Daniel Libeskind: How to transform horror into art, from Auschwitz and the Holocaust to 9/11

Boy Culture: Is Max Shumakov the sexiest CrossFit athlete yet?

Michael Musto: The 12 gayest men in show biz history, from Paul Lynde to Billy Porter

The New York Times: Chita Rivera is happy to look back -- but she never stops marching forward

TPM: Amy Klobuchar says the late John McCain recited "names of dictators" during Trump inaugural speech, "because he knew more than any of us what we were facing as a nation"

Gr8er Days: A hairy-chested hunk from another era suddenly looks very modern 

Washington Post: Desperate for a "deal," Trump backs Kim Jong Un over advisers, allies

TV Line: Televisions's 15 best cliffhangers of all time

Gay City News: As part of the World Pride celebrations, 50 local and international artists have been selected to create murals around the five boroughs in an effort to “reflect the honor, beauty, struggle, and strides” of the LGBTQ community

Hot Cat of the Day: Just when you think you're safe ...

1 comment:

Bill Carter said...

Re: Musto on Paul Lynde

“Why don’t the Hell’s Angels wear leather?” Lynde: “Because chiffon wrinkles easily.”

How on earth did Musto manage to mangle this quote? The accurate version is cited by virtually every hack writer who has ever made a reference to Lynde, as if it were the only funny thing he ever said.

It's amusing, the first 20 or 30 times you read it.