Friday, May 24, 2019

Remains of the Day (05/24)

New York Post: Man commits suicide after his service dog is killed by alligator

NBC News: Theresa May resigns after no-win Brexit fails again; Tories to choose new prime minister by July

Instagram: Tennis player Noah Rubin wants to know if taking off his shirt could get him arrested

Washington Post: Supreme Court says Ohio and Michigan do not have to come up with new maps immediately

Back2Stonewall: Trump of the Tropics obviously didn't get to the judiciary yet, because Brazil's Supreme Court rules homophobia and transphobia are illegal

Los Angeles Times: Henry Rollins on the road with John Waters’ memoir, "Mr. Know-It-All"

Dlisted: An open post hosted by the renovated "Brady Bunch" house

The New York Times: Potential clash over secrets looms between Justice Department and CIA

Rolling Stone: GOP Utah county commissioner comes out as gay, but hasn't connected the dots that his party hates him ... and he's a Mormon(!)

Towleroad: Pornhub now selling "bonerless bathing suits" for those over-excited days at the beach

The Daily News: Minneapolis officer tells Mohamed Noor to "keep your mouth shut" after fatal shooting of Australian bride-to-be Justine Damond in newly released body cam footage

Instagram: Time for squats ... in tiny red shorts

Brooklyn Vegan: Morrissey gives mealy mouthed response to For Britain pin backlash as new album is released

Greg in Hollywood: The legendary Patti LaBelle turned 75 today -- happy birthday!

BosGuy: Thank God It's Furry Friday -- in yellow undies

Hot Cat of the Day: This reminds me of when my mother (and I!) were trying to help my older(!) brother learn to walk up stairs!

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