Monday, May 20, 2019

Remains of the Day (05/20)

Towleroad: What your ability to engage with stories says about your real-life relationships

NBC News: 16-year-old migrant boy dies in U.S. custody, 5th child to die since December

Jump212: He can't wait till Ass Wednesday

The New York Times: As Huawei loses Google, the U.S.-China tech cold war gets its iron curtain

Dlisted: Scarlett Johannson just got engaged to a hot piece of ass

YouTube: AIDS/Lifecycle rider goes Abba-esque with over-the-top "Mama Mia" parody fundraising video

Gr8er Days: Happy Cher Day!

TPM: Trump wants ex-White House counsel to defy House subpoena for testimony

Mother Jones: A Dutch doctor has been mailing abortion pills to women in the U.S. -- now the FDA is going after her

Back2Stonewall: Dr. Lawrence Mass becomes the first person to report about AIDS

Washington Post: States aren’t waiting for the Trump administration on environmental protections

Baseline: Naomi Osaka is pretty in green

The Randy Report: Mayor Pete Buttigieg has the perfect answer to a young girl's question about bullying

Newsweek: Traveling while gay: Six essential LGBT travel tips

Gay Star News: Moldova Pride met by religious counter-protest supported by president

Boy Culture: This waiter really wants a tit

Beantown Cuban: Matthew Bunch is doing what he can to bring up Florida's collectively low IQ

Bammer: No more swinging dicks

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