Monday, May 20, 2019

Are Organizers of the Competing Queer Liberation March Trying to Re-Elect Trump?

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You're looking at a disturbing microcosm of what is currently wrong with the left -- our inability to take yes for an answer. If anyone has any pull with this group, I beg you to make them stop this ill-conceived "competing" Pride march, happening on the same day that the world marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots -- an event that has led to our having a serious LGBTQ presidential candidate. (Did you EVER think that would happen in your lifetime?)

I totally agree with the organizers that the police and corporations are deeply flawed. But what we've fought for these past 50 years is to have the police not storm our bars and arrest and beat us -- and to have corporations acknowledge us and our families as equal beings. By all means push both to do better -- corporations are greedier than ever and police brutality shows no sign of abating. But what is the value in protesting men and women in uniform as they PROTECT our parade -- and by its own admission, protect the Queer Liberation March -- and corporate floats who are at least trying to do the right thing?

Instead, how about a Queer Liberation March to mark the 50th anniversary of the Christopher Street Liberation Day march -- in 2020?

If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times: This is how Trump gets re-elected. Stunts like this do nothing but divide liberals, turn off allies and, more disturbingly, alienate potential allies.

Whether Heritage of Pride (the organizers of the main parade) gave its blessing or not -- and really, how could it not? -- I wish the organizers would please reconsider. For anyone but a Bernie Bro, the optics are horrible.

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Will Kohler said...

The sad thing is that BOTH HOP and RP are disrespecting the Anniversary of the 50th Anniversary. HOP is too corporate but they need money to put on a world class event. RP say they are reclaiming pride but not for LGBT civil rights. They are just a bunch of SJW's marching about 100 micro-aggressions. Everything from Corporate influence and ,Gun Control to ICE. But nothing really about LGBT civil rights in America which is what the original march was about and we still do not have.

Damian said...

On the other hand, a competing march on a big milestone like this will accomplish ... um ... No, it's just needlessly divisive and motivated by self-righteousness, nevermind.

Anthony said...

Kenneth - I heard Ann Northrop speak about the march last week. She (and others) approached HOP about the Queer Liberation March and HOP encouraged it. It's scheduled to start at 9 AM so it does not compete with HOP's event. Your post distorts the facts.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Anthony: Thanks. I'm not sure a second march on the same day that seeks to remedy the faults (it says) the principal march has qualifies as "not competing," but your point is well-taken.