Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Remains of the Day (05/15)

Towleroad: God help us all -- Crazy Donald and John Bolton really are going to recreate the bogus Iraq war in Iran, aren't they?

Jump212: Two JO-worthy photos of 24-year-old California native, YouTube star and actor/singer Cameron Dallas on vacation

Page Six: TV's Chuck Lorre has some juicy gossip about network brass and Jon Cryer, Melissa McCarthy, Christine Baranski , not to mention his experience with Cybill Shepherd

Washington Post: A mystery illness killed a boy in 1969 -- and years later doctors learned what it was: AIDS

Knox News: Former pastor sentenced to 12 years in prison for repeated rape of adopted daughter

Jennifer Finney Boylan: What grade would you give Donald Trump? He won't release his college transcript, but we can guess what it says

Architectural Record: The new TWA Hotel has me wishing I had a reason to stay at JFK

Instagram: Doubles specialist Michael Venus is one hot daddy

The Randy Report: Democratic candidates (Pete, Kamala) offer Rainbow+ campaign gear for Pride 

NBC: Police release video of woman pushing elderly man off bus, leading to his death

The Daily Beast: A racist ad targeting Elizabeth Warren and an obscure bill to allow a Native American tribe to open a casino in Massachusetts is connected to a longtime conservative, dark money operative

Back2Stonewall: Remembering Julian Eltinge, the world's greatest female impersonator

Sun-Sentinel: South Florida trans teen Jazz Jennings is heading to Harvard

Variety: Gay filmmaker Ira Sachs reflects on being "truly independent"

Greg in Hollywood: Vicki Lawrence pays tribute to Tim Conway

Hot Slut of the Day: Kellogg's Fruity Marshmallow Krispies

The Daily News: What's important is that neither this 8-year-old's nor his mother's Second Amendment rights were infringed upon

Gr8er Days: Lee Horsley, perhaps the sexiest man to ever work in Hollywood, turns 64

Hot Cat of the Day: This kitty's taking names and numbers ...

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