Thursday, May 09, 2019

Remains of the Day (05/09)

Baseline: Federer, Nadal and more bid farewell to the great David Ferrer

San Francisco Chronicle: Speaker Nancy Pelosi declares nation in "constitutional crisis"

Instagram: This guy's 'stache can't wait till Saturday

Gold Derby: Bob Newhart to receive Career Achievement Award

The New York Times: Why should children have to learn to "defend themselves" from murderers in our schools?

ABC7: Sorry, this kind of "forgiveness" just pisses me off

NYT Magazine: My cousin was my hero -- until the day he tried to kill me

Instagram: Your afternoon workout with my favorite mustachioed cop

Dlisted: Woodstock 50 sounds more like a sequel to the Fyre Festival than the legendary '60s music festival

Towleroad: Facebook's gay co-founder joins Elizabeth Warren in saying it's time to break the social-media giant up

Queerty: Chris Hemsworth turns to stripping in new comedy

TV Line: First look at the "Beverly Hills, 90210" reunion 

The Hill: Poll shows Trump would lose to most Democratic candidates, but for some reason not to Elizabeth Warren ...

Greg in Hollywood: I wonder if "The Talk" hired the real Marie Osmond, or the hologram from her Nutrisystem ads

Instagram: Normally I find it annoying when guys walk around with their pants hanging off ...

The WoW Report: Abortion is now essentially illegal in Georgia -- and that's a state that's becoming purple

Boy Culture: Andreas Petsides is one of the sexiest underwear models yet

The Wall Street Journal: I donated my kidney to a stranger to save my brother's life (ICYMI)

Hot Cat of the Day: He may not be the most athletic of the litter, but he's awfully cute!

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