Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Remains of the Day (05/07)

KXAN: Two college "pals" found dead near campus in gruesome murder-suicide

The Hill: White House orders Don McGahn to defy House subpoena, of course

Washington Post: "I think it’s a cap gun," the police officer said. He opened fire on an eighth-grader moments later.

The New York Times: Mitch McConnell to Congress on the Mueller report: "Case closed"

Towleroad: Australian rugby star Israel Folau guilty of "high level" breach of contract over homophobic remarks

Mother Jones: Every Democratic candidate rails against Citizens United -- but Kirsten Gillibrand actually has a plan

The Daily News: College student's murder solved after almost 50 years

The Randy Report: Mormon valedictorian who came out at graduation sits down with Ellen DeGeneres

Baseline: Novak Djokovic proves it's mind over matter in (fading) resurgence

Instagram: Pinch me, guys: This Shakespears Sister reunion is REALLY happening!

Washington Blade: Transgender activist from Zimbabwe receives asylum in U.S.

Gr8er Days: Actress Barbara Perry, "Dick Van Dick" player, dies at 97

Blue Fox: Matt Bomer stars in "Papi Chulo"

Boy Culture: A review of "Like a Prayer," a documentary film about Madonna fans

NewNowNext: San Francisco just swore in its first LGBTQ fire chief into office, and I'll give you one guess which letter it was

Slicing Up Eyeballs: Watch Michael Stipe perform three songs while opening for Patti Smith in NYC

Greg in Hollywood: Gonzalo Higuain reminds us once again that Argentina has the hottest men

Dlisted: Amy Schumer and her autistic husband she met a week ago welcomed a baby boy into the world

Hot Cat of the Days; I know exactly how this dog feels!

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Blobby said...

Shakespears Sister? squeeee. Please don't suck. Please don't suck. Please don't suck.