Monday, May 06, 2019

Remains of the Day (05/06)

Frigid New York: If you see just one one-woman show about donating an organ via paired donation, might I recommend Amanda Nicastro's "I'm Just Kidneying"? She's smart, adorable and hilarious!

The Daily News: Norah O’Donnell named anchor of "CBS Evening News" as Gayle King shoots down rumors of bad blood

The New York Times: Are budget airlines really worth it?

Boy Culture: Madonna, Andy Cohen and more honored at GLAAD Media Awards

Back2Stonewall: Meet Craig Rodwell, the forgotten father of gay pride

Instagram: Hot Latin ass alert

Washington Post: Apparently this cringe-inducing phenomenon has a name -- "work twins" -- but I must say an Indian colleague of mine to whom this constantly happens confessed to me that she'd done it to a man in our Hong Kong bureau, too ... yikes

Greg in Hollywood: Kit Williamson announces that Season 4 of "EastSiders" will premiere at Inside Out Toronto on May 25

Sussex Royal: Prince Hot Ginge's sperm has created a new life

NBC: SNL"s erectile dysfunction pill "Rectix" is something else entirely

Baseline: Serena Williams preps for co-hosting the 2019 Met Gala

Dlisted: An actress I've never heard of got married to her ripped boyfriend so I'm suddenly interested -- they met when he guest-starred as a stripper on her show

Socialite Life: "Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek wins Emmy Award, receives standing ovation

NewNowNext: Facing international protest, Brunei won't enforce "death by stoning" punishment for gay sex (barbaric law hast yet to be fully repealed, however)

Towleroad: 426 former prosecutors (and counting) sign statement saying Trump would be indicted for "multiple felonies" if he weren't "president"

New York Post: Sad Instagrammers pose for pics at luxury furniture stores now

The Randy Report: See Mayor Pete dressed for action in Afghanistan

TV Line: Why (naked) "Lucifer" is better as a Netflix binge

Hot Cat of the Day: Just because you have to take a bath doesn't mean you want to mess up your 'do ...

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jaragon said...

Mayor Pete's military experience is another asset.