Sunday, April 14, 2019

State of the Nation

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Both of these people sum out what so many of us have been feeling. The U.S. Constitution never considered the idea that a president would completely disavow all norms, so it's met its match in this one. Still, I refuse to let some senile prick get me down. The ship for the impeachment he so richly deserves -- whether he was convicted in the Senate was irrelevant, what Trump has done needs to be on the record, and impeachment is what our founding fathers designated as the way to do it -- has sailed. So I will continue to tune out the daily noise -- we're finishing Season 2 of "Newhart" now! -- and focus on what really matters: Electing as many Democrats as humanly possible in 2020. 

If the midterms showed us nothing else, it's that we are the moral majority. 


Myk said...

Spot on.

jaragon said...

I agree with you that we should focus on finding the best candidate for 2020 - Mayor Pete would get my vote

Michael Knock said...

Me too.

FUTURE said...

i disagree with you. we cannot stick our heads in the sand anymore. that is what got us where we are today and how trump got elected. we need to come together to organize a message to turn the tide.
i don't know how to do it. i try to work around election time to help democratic candidates but tuning out is not a plan.