Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Song of the Day: 'Through the Fire' by Chaka Khan

Just dawned me what the biggest drawback of using Spotify is: Unlike your record or CD collection -- or even your iTunes library -- you don't have any way to scan through your "collection" when your collection includes virtually everything. Fortunately I spend 30% of my free time in chain drugstores, where Kenny's Greatest Hits are routinely piped in over the P.A. system, which is exactly how I was reminded of this gem from my senior year in high school. How the hell did it only peak at No. 60 after "I Feel for You" was an international smash?

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Rian G. said...

Thank you for posting that song! I had thought of it not too long ago and remembered how much I loved the melody. And hey, we were both seniors in high school that year!