Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Song of the Day: 'Love in Stereo' by Bananarama

The new Bananarama album is out and it's been fun(ny) seeing how passionate fans still are about them -- for better or worse. While many on the Bananarama Facebook group are complaining, I see it this way: Over the years the duo's music has been becoming increasingly generic. The songs are still catchy -- and their vocals are still recognizable -- but the tracks have a certain Euro dance quality to them where you feel like they could have been recorded by almost anyone. 

Case in point is the title track here -- the only song the gals didn't co-write. Apparently it was originally penned and recorded by a spinoff of the Sugarbabes -- only the album was never released. It's fun and it's catchy. But it's pretty interchangeable with the songs they did write on “In Stereo,” which is to say they all lack that distinctive Bananarama sound of yesteryear. Still, I've listened to the full album on the treadmill a few times and it always gets me going. And at this point in their career, what more could you ask for? 

P.S. The third song on the album is called "I'm on Fire" -- and I could have sworn it was "Love Comes," a previous song cowritten with producer Ian Masterson from "Viva." Oops! 

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