Thursday, April 25, 2019

Remains of the Day (04/25)

The New York Times: Joe Biden officially entered the race -- now he'd better pray his campaign goes better than his attempt to smooth things over with Anita Hill (I wonder if he got her number from Ginni Thomas)

The Hill: Trump signed pledge to reimburse North Korea $2 million for "hospital care" of Otto Warmbier, who died without ever regaining consciousness after being brutalized by his captors

Towleroad: Gay dads switch lives with hetero couple on "Wife Swap"

The Randy Report: Now Pete Buttigieg is just showing off

TPM: Judge agrees to release Coast Guard officer accused of plotting terror attack; nut kept "kill list" of prominent Democratic politicians and journalists and stockpiled some 17 weapons, including two silencers

Instagram: Christian Harrison attempts to bring the tennis headband back

Washington Post: My friend Lou asks: Was Abraham Lincoln gay?

New York Post: "JT LeRoy" is a compelling look at modern hoax culture

Gr8er Days: "Dallas" star Ken Kercheval dies at 83

Noah Michelson: If we want to stop queer kids from dying by suicide, we need to start at the top

OAS Chief:Countries in the Americas have an obligation to expand LGBTI rights

Instagram: Now THAT's what I call flexible, big guy!

WTAJ: Three men sexually assaulted nine horses, a cow, a goat and dogs

Mother Jones: New revelations in Maria Butina case highlight Russia's infiltration efforts in 2016

Instagram: Your afternoon workout with sex bomb Chris Clark 

Hannah Brashers: Barbra Streisand gave me hope as a gay teen growing up in rural America

The Daily News: Angry fan at Mets game threatens young family and exposes himself to the kids

OMG Blog: Beardy reality star bares all -- and there's a lot to see

Hot Cat of the Day: These kitties are cool as a cucumber, but I'm freaking out just watching!

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