Monday, April 22, 2019

Remains of the Day (04/22)

The New York Times: Every building on every block: New York in the 1980s

Instagram: Ryan Harrison's hot little brother has good taste in men

Good News Network: A homeless man and his pet rat have been reunited after two weeks apart

Back2Stonewall: Neighbors in Charleston, S.C., hoist Pride flags in solidarity after one family's is set on fire

Towleroad: Get ready to have it enshrined in U.S. law that employers can fire you for being LGBTQ

ICYMI: Jockstraps are for jump pages (work unfriendly, unless you work at a sex club) 

Washington Post: Knock me over with a feather -- radical Islamists were behind Sunday's terror attacks. (Not all white American men are serial killers or mass shooters, but we're allowed to point out the problem there. Why is it "Islamophobic" to point out an ongoing problem unique to this group, which is not an "irrational fear" at all?) 

Beantown Cubano: Johnny Diaz examines Miami's "domino effect"

Mother Jones: America's only publicly traded addiction treatment chain makes millions off patients -- what could go wrong

New York Post: This is why heterosexuals should not be allowed to be parents

Alan Ilagan: My heart still belongs to Dr, Francisco Alvarado

Boy Culture: Two men in THAT pic with Aaron Schock have apologized

NewNowNext: It's not "getting better" fast enough, guys

The Randy Report: Trump, who pledged to release his tax returns, is now suing to ensure they are not released even though the House has the authority to see them

The Daily News: Kate Smith -- dead over 30 years -- is being branded a racist because of two songs she recorded 80 years ago 

CNN: Elizabeth Warren wants to eliminate your student debt

Newsweek: The best honeymoon destinations for gay couples

Gr8er Days: When Tony Danza was a hot piece of ass

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