Friday, April 05, 2019

Remains of the Day (04/05)

Yahoo Lifestyle: I admire his restraint 

Instagram: Liam Broady proves he's in perfect shape

New York Post: Chicago cops demand Cook County state's attorney Kim Foxx's resignation over Jussie Smollett case

Deadline: City of Chicago is moving forward with plans to sue Jussie Smollett

The New Yorker: The more the story of the Mueller report unfolds, the deeper Trump's puppet AG’s interference appears to be

BosGuy: Hairy chest and a hammock

The Daily News: Accused impersonator learned about Timmothy Pitzen in "20/20" episode, had falsely claimed to be child sex trafficking victim twice before: FBI

Business Report: Americans hate social media but can't give it up

Instagram: Big man vs. small Speedo

Dlisted: Want to hear audio of Elisabeth Hasselback fake quitting after getting into a fight with Barbara Walters on "The View"

Boy Culture: Naked "Game of Thrones" stars

TPM: Ex-spy Valerie Plame weighs 2020 run for New Mexico congressional seat

MetroSource: Writer Ron Nyswaner remembers "Philadelphia" and its impact on AIDS

Baseline: Naomi Osaka signs deal with Nike

Gothamist: A Native New Yorker knows what kind of pet you should get

Washington Post: 20 years after the attack on Columbine, the high school is still fending off threats

Greg in Hollywood: Feast your eyes on Chad James Buchanan

It's Either Sadness or Euphoria: "How do you disagree with someone you love so fiercely?" (book review)

Hot Cat of the Day: Behold hedcut kitty

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