Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Justin Gimelstob Pleads No Contest in Halloween Attack

Prosecutors say Justin Gimelstob pleaded no contest to misdemeanor assault for attacking a former friend in Los Angeles on Halloween 2017. The ex-tennis player turned executive, commentator and coach -- who has a history of misogynistic remarks -- received three years’ probation, 60 days of community labor and must complete 52 weeks of anger management classes for what judge called a "violent, unprovoked attack in public in front of children."

Los Angeles Times reports:
Gimelstob was accused of attacking Randall Kaplan, a longtime friend of the tennis circuit veteran’s former wife. Kaplan, a venture capitalist, was walking with his wife and 2-year-old daughter in West L.A. on Halloween about 6 p.m. when the attack occurred. 
Kaplan, addressing the court Monday, said that he never saw his attacker coming and that he feared for his life as he endured blows to his head and upper body.  
“During that time, I was punched at least 50 times but when you count it -- 1 ... 2 … 3 ... the actual number was likely over 100,” he said. 
“I realized that people had finally stepped in to pull my attacker off of me, who was still saying, ‘I’m going to … kill you’ while he pointed at me with eyes of a crazed lunatic,” Kaplan said, adding that his family lives in fear of Gimelstob.
The wife of Gimelstob's victim says she suffered a miscarriage as a result of watching her husband get brutalized in front of their 2-year-old daughter.

Bill Simmons at Inside Tennis writes:

So we must ask what will the impact be of devastating #Gimelstob event, which according to reports, does not stand alone. Justin has such talent and is a powerful figure in tennis and the ATP. Will he retain his coveted position on the ATP Player Council? Will Tennis Channel put him back on the air? And most important will he gain the understanding that violence & threats are just not acceptable -- period. Will he learn to control his anger?

Does Tommy Haas realize how lucky he was he wasn't attacked for winning this tiebreak match against JT?

UPDATE: A law firm representing Gimelstob reached out to provide a statement from him. I said I would add it -- but warned that it would only further the impression that he takes no responsibility whatsoever for his actions:
"Justin Gimelstob pled [sic] no contest today to the charge filed against him and the Judge, after evaluating the evidence, exercised his discretion and reduced the charge to a misdemeanor. Justin did this to move on with his professional life and focus on his family."

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