Tuesday, April 09, 2019

And Then They Lived and Then They Died

Sunday was a bittersweet afternoon in Washington, surrounded by people I love, remembering loved ones I’ve lost. 

It was my first time seeing my brother Bill’s final resting place. I think it turned out beautifully -- nestled in the heart of his beloved Capitol Hill neighborhood.

We also visited Arlington National Cemetery, where my father and oldest brother are buried.

I often think about what Kevin would have been like had crib death not stolen him from my parents.

Terence new wheels!

My dad and brother Kevin are neighbors with some couple named Jack and Jackie ...

Damian with his mother and sister Gabby


In East Potomac Park taking in a few more cherry blossoms

On the waterfront ...

All in all, one of those days that reminds you to appreciate living in the moment as you never know when it will end. xo

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