Wednesday, April 17, 2019

25 Reasons Why We Already Knew Aaron Schock Was Gay

Well, knock me over with a feather: Former GOP Rep. Aaron Schock -- who repeatedly voted against the rights of gay people while in office -- was spotted making out with a guy (or two) over the weekend at Coachella. (For a Republican, he's looking awfully Dora the Explorer in this photo.) 

So as we look back at the worst-kept secret on and off Capitol Hill, we must ask ourselves: What really outed him first?

1) His hunky blond "travel companion"

2) His daily shower with Paul Ryan

3) His famed Men's Health cover and GQ shoot

4) He followed Tom Daley on Instagram

5) His poolside spread

6) His flamboyant New York Times profile

7) His sexy Scot look

8) His infamous teal belt

9) His ripped body in the Gulf of Mexico

10) His 10-year affair with Sir Elton John

11) His recent gay haircut

12) His recent workout at one of New York's gayest gyms?

13) His fanboying over Sam Smith

14) His workout with model Nick Sandell in West Hollywood

15) His friendship with swarthy stud Eliad Cohen

16) His Dorothy Hamill impersonation

17) His "Downton Abbey" office makeover

18) His gay beard in India

19) That a gay porn was made about him

20) His gay jump in Patagonia

21) His Village People impersonation

22) The Gray Lady's write-up about his Instagram account

23) This photo with a beardy hunk

24) He's gal pals with Arianna Huffington
25)  His already having been outed by Itay Hod

P.S. For those who say they are disgusted by gays who "fawn" all over Miss Schock -- yours truly included -- I say this: You're totally right. There are many other hot gay men to adore, gay men who haven't done the despicable things Schock has. But in our defense, everyone loves a soap opera villain. And watching this dashing young congressman be a flaming closet case in plain sight was fascinating, especially at a time when being gay is acceptable in much of the country. (Why bother to hide it ...  now?) From a blogger's point of view, it was his hypocrisy that was newsworthy -- but I admit it was more than that. Maybe it was remembering my own youthful struggles with being gay. Maybe it was the power and privilege of it all. But what I'm eager to see is this: Now that he's been exposed, will he finally come clean -- and will he finally apologize for the damage he's inflicted? Many people may still never forgive him -- I know I still get enraged every time I see Ken Mehlman, despite his apology and attempts to right his W(rongs) by doing pro-LGBTQ work. But it's truly the least Schock can do. And perhaps asking for forgiveness will in some way help him figure out what allowed him to commit these disgusting transgressions against his own brothers and sisters in the first place, and how he will treat them moving forward. 


Larry said...

Damn you've done your research on this man. I'm in awww of how dedicated you are with giving us this piping hot tea and all the hard work you've done. I knew nothing about all of these details of Mr Schock smh. He's truly a disturbed individual.

The Polar Beast said...

While Schock had his personal path to coming out, what leaves me flummoxed is the men who would hang out with a traitor to his kind. I guess immoral birds of a feather Schock together.

John said...

Kenneth, you never disappoint! I didn’t even know half of these things, and he served as my congressman, I never voted for him though!

Nolaredhead said...

I bet he's looking at Mayor Pete and thinking "DAMN, that could have been me"..