Thursday, February 26, 2015

Aaron Schock Can't 'Shake Off' Incriminating Instagrams

Jon Stewart had a field day with the pretty-boy congressman, who may not be gay, but is knee-deep in mud. 


Stephen said...

OK Kenneth, the automatic start videos are ANNOYING ! It makes loading your your site painful and then having to scroll down to find where all the sound is coming from. NOOOOO !

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Stephen: Which browser are you using? It doesn't autoplay on mine.

Joe Tynan said...

Meanwhile, ISIS in Brooklyn. Thanks to your more-Muslims-in-NYC crowd, Ken. Bringing more and more homophobes to NYC is important for you guys, as long as it promotes the goddess Diversity. Wonder if you'd want those people around YOUR family in their hometowns.