Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Song of the Day: 'I Confess' by the English Beat

I confess that I'm heartbroken to hear about the death of Roger Charlery, aka Ranking Roger, at 56 after a long fight with cancer. Roger was the co-frontman of the English Beat and General Public, two seminal 1980s bands whose songs "Mirror in the Bathroom," "Save It for Later," "Tenderness" and this one were mainstays of the New Wave/Ska era. (My brother Bill brought home "Special Beat Service" from college and we were hooked!) Way too young. RIP. 

Watch Roger's final interview HERE.


Blobby said...

bummer indeed. I had not heard of this.

Rix said...

Driving up to the Coach House in Capistrano to see both iterations of the band, with friends, are some of my best memories.

Don Willmott said...

Wow, so young! Which means that back in the day he was *insanely* young. I had no idea!