Thursday, March 28, 2019

Song of the Day: '11:59' (live) by Blondie

I'm obsessed with timelines and nostalgia, so when this Debbie Harry to the "nines" collage popped up online, I was in heaven. (The 2019 shot is from a recent Downtown magazine cover.) Although the early '80s saw Blondie top the U.S. charts a remarkable three times in a year and a half, there's no question 1979 -- when they hit No. 1 with "Heart of Glass" from the seminal "Parallel Lines" LP -- was the band's apex. No longer struggling for mainstream success while not yet jaded by it all, this 1979 concert from Asbury Park captures Debbie and the boys giving us their finest hour.

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Unknown said...

11:59 was always one of my favorite Blondie songs. It's great to see it highlighted here.