Thursday, May 31, 2007

Brad (and Kenny)'s Hair Ups and Downs!

As I flipped through this photo essay about Brad Pitt's ever-changing hairdos yesterday in the new Us Weekly, I couldn't help but think: Wow, he sure has changed his look a lot over the years. And I've had the same exact haircut since I was about 4. Then I thought about it a second longer and I remembered, well, except for that bleached-blond omelet I had back in '87. Oh, and the razor cut in '97. And the embarrassing and totally didn't work on me long hair I had last summer (you can see where this is going) ... I'm putting it all out there, so why don't you e-mail me your biggest hair don'ts and I will post them next week. :-)

(Click any photo to enlarge. Laughs are guaranteed.)


David said...

Ohmigod, what a cutie! I especially like the Teen Beat pose near the bottom.

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Jeff- we messaged a couple of times on Connexions.. just had to tell you I really like the pictures you've posted here!! Hair-doos and all! :) Have a great day.

FunMe said...

Good haircuts. Bad haircuts.

Hey, at least you have hair! I do too.


Alan Bennett Ilagan said...

For whatever reason, I actually like you best with the long hair from last summer... why don't you like it?

Queer Two Cents said...

THOSE PICS Are a scream!

I wasn't expecting a "Kenneth Gallery" and I laughed so hard that I spewed coffee all over.




Anonymous said...

i am not laughing--i'm drooling! cuter, cuter, cuter than brad.

but yes, some of those haircuts

CJ said...

Not one dam buzz cut Kenny? You are a Yankee.;)

Anonymous said...

The last summer long hair is great. More guys ought to wear their hair longer!

John said...

It's so nice to watch the emergence of beauty!

Ya just keep getting hotter babe!

Steven said...

Let's just say my infatuation with hairspray in the early 90's makes each of your styles look positively normal.

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