Monday, March 11, 2019

Life and How to Give It

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Perhaps only a writer would say this. But I’m not sure if I’m more in awe (and envious) of my friend Yogita for donating an organ, or for how eloquent and (at times) brutally honest she is writing about the experience.

I mention envy because the two-year anniversary of my brother Bill's death is quickly approaching. When he first told me he was sick he only knew for sure that the cancer was in his liver, so my first reaction was: You can have half of mine -- problem solved. He then explained that “liver cancer” by itself isn’t really a thing (it almost always metastasizes there), and sadly we know the rest. Yogi and I were sitting next to each in the newsroom during most of the time she was going through this process -- she also ran for and won the union presidency, becoming the first woman to hold the job (in sort of a micro correction to Nov. 8, 2016) -- and I remember being so envious that her brother was going to be able to live.

Self-pity aside, though, I cannot express how glad I am for her family that they got a happy ending because of her. It’s truly a remarkable story for everyone involved.

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