Thursday, February 28, 2019

'The Other Two' ... Plus One

Pleasantly surprised to discover "The Other Two" on Comedy Central, which I can only describe as the love child of "The Comeback" and "Barely Famous" -- two of my favorite shows of the 21st century. Drew Tarver and Helene Yorke are brilliantly understated as Cary (a struggling gay actor) and Brooke Dubek (a onetime aspiring dancer), the perpetually humiliated older siblings of a newly minted YouTube sensation turned superstar, Chase Cubek -- stage name ChaseDreams.  

Molly Shannon is adorable as Pat Dubek, the ever egalitarian mother who tries to give her fledgling off-spring as much love and attention as Chase, who also has an opportunistic manager named Street (played by Ken Marino). The series was created by openly gay Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider, who previously served as head writers on “Saturday Night Live.” They are also the show's executive producers.

And if the premise hasn't roped you in yet, the show's explicit gay content might. Cary's sexually confused roommate -- Matt, played by the incredibly hot Andrew Ridings -- is reason enough to tune in. More proof HERE.

P.S. But unlike "The Comeback," we won't have to wait nine years for more as it's already been renewed for a second season!


Warren said...

I knew you would like it!!!

Deep Dish said...

It's my favorite new show of the year (so far). So happy it was renewed for a Season 2.

Greg Jordan said...

I love it! Haven't missed an episode yet. Chase Dreams aspect is ingenious and so funny. This past week's video of "Stinky" stole the show down to the last second, literally.