Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Song of the Day: 'Talk Talk' by Talk Talk

Was sad to hear about the death of Mark Hollis, the frontman of the 1980s New Wave band Talk Talk. Their eponymous anthem was a staple of the early days of MTV -- like "I Melt With You," it didn't even crack the Top 40 but seemed like a smash of the era -- but they found actual success with "It's My Life" a couple years later. (The No Doubt cover no double paid the Talk Talk boys' rent these past 15 years.)

I have childhood memories of Hollis suffering a nervous breakdown from the overnight success back in the day -- as did Nick Heyward -- which sounds hard to believe now. The cause of his death hasn't been released, but he was just 64 and left behind a wife and two kids. RIP.

UPDATE: Hollis's manager says Mark died after a short battle with cancer.

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