Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Page 1 Roundup (02/20)

I must confess that am OBSESSED with Smollett dead-enders. The twisting and lack of logic are death-defying!

The New York Times: Intimidation, pressure and humiliation: Inside Trump's two-year war on the investigations encircling him

Shame on Maureen Dowd for this lazy reference to Woody Allen. (I can't really blame the editors here because NYT columnists can pretty much write whatever they want.) I know you're all probably tired of hearing my greatest hits. But like the Jussie Smollett case, I smelled a fraud the second Mia Farrow leveled her child-molestation charges, and I'd bet my life I was right. It's very easy to forget details -- and Dylan Farrow's lobbying campaign has been persuasive to many. But as I have been saying for years and especially since #MeToo began, it is good to err on the side of victims -- but you must based each case on its merits, of which the Woody Allen has none.

The Daily Mail: Just out of curiosity, has anyone heard from the Farrow camp since it was alleged that Mia 'indulged Woody Allen's predilection for young girls' before heading that campaign to brand him a pedophile? I didn't think so.

Despite how it feels, Trump won't be here forever -- but are sure our institutions can bounce back when they're stretch this far out of whack?

Phoenix New Times: How terrible of her to have shot someone

LGBTQ Nation: No, Dolly did NOT slam anybody -- but you might as well pop the corks on the Champagne bottles for Trump's re-election if we're going to keep this stupidity up ... (no link included because this clickbait trash deserves no traffic) 

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jaragon said...

I find it really weird all these people who are begging for sympathy for Smullet? Why ? He is lying fame whore. And how can we as gay people excuse anyone who uses gay bashing for publicity?

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