Saturday, February 16, 2019

Cops Confirm What I’ve Been Saying All Along

Major twist? It was blatantly obvious the second he claimed two MAGA assholes *recognized* him from “Empire”(!) ...

Some of you truly seemed confused why I was so worked up about this -- it’s called the boy who cried wolf. Racism and homophobia are real, and hate crimes happen far too often -- so we don’t need some stupid queen undermining the actual victims of them. THAT’s why I care so much about this. 

I’m also perplexed by how many people don’t seem to understand how journalism works. (Sources versus speculation, etc.) But I guess my view is warped by my profession, so I should be more understanding.

Pisses me off because it feeds into all of these rightwing trolls’ narrative.

UPDATE:  Smollett’s lawyers just released a statement: 

This guy is even sicker than anyone thought. I thought this might happen — and in this post-truth era there are just enough people who will continue to allow this reprehensible behavior. 


Edgar_Carpenter said...

The Tawana Brawley fiasco cast doubt on lots of legitimate cases of women being raped and abused after it happened - you're right, the same thing happens when gay men falsify attacks.

Sean said...

And somewhere right now there is an actual victim of assault. He needs to be charged.

jaragon said...

Kenneth I totally agree with you. These days you have to believe the accuser is telling the truth not matter how outrageous the claim or you are quickly accused of victim shaming in social media.

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