Monday, January 07, 2019

Song of the Day: 'Not a Day Goes By' by Carly Simon

Listened to Alec Baldwin's "Here's the Thing" podcast with Carly Simon over the weekend, on the recommendation of an old friend. It wasn't easy for me to carve out an hour to just sit and listen to something -- how do people have the patience for these things without a commute??? -- but boy was it worth it. Now I"m paying the recommendation forward to all of you/ One of my favorite things learned was that Stephen Sondheim came into the studio at the Power Station when Carly was recording "Not a Day Goes By" from his short-lived "Merrily We Roll Along" Broadway show and was literally reduced to tears by her performance -- unaware that his presence had reduced the famously shy singer/songwriter to her knees in the booth, hiding!


barryearle said...

Historically, you are correct. "Merrily We Roll Along" closed shortly after it opened. However, people have worked on it over the years and the newest version will be opening soon in your hometown--NYC. Lots of other short-lived musicals should have the dedication this show has. People just recognized there is something here that needs to be saved...and they have done just that.

Brian said...

How did I miss this? Thanks, Ken!

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