Thursday, January 31, 2019

Remains of the Day (01/31)

6sqft: This couple has made 220 square feet work for 24 years in a Chelsea Hotel SRO 

HuffPost: Mitch McConnell thinks Democrats are trying to steal elections by allowing people to vote

Vanity Fair: There's yet another Trump-Putin meeting we didn't know about

Philadelphia Magazine: Forget Pizza Rat -- Philly's Pretzel Rat is the next rodent celebrity

Instagram: CNN's Natalie Allen has a hot son

Gr8er Days: 30 classic documentaries that were snubbed by Oscar

Boy Culture: Out candidate Pete Buttigieg on whether American is ready for a gay president

The Fix: The next generation of voters is more liberal, more inclusive and believes in government

Baseline: Rafael Nadal finally popped the question

The Washington Post: Senate backs McConnell’s rebuke of Trump’s military drawdown plans in Syria, Afghanistan

Towleroad: Locker Room 101 -- Soap dropping for dummies

The Randy Report: First an armed lunatic at Comet Ping Pong and now this bullshit?

Greg in Hollywood: Start doing your tongue exercises, guys: Showtime is reviving "The L Word"

OMG Blog: Michael Angels and Keith Roenke are fully naked in "D'Agostino"

New York Post: Woman arrested for masturbating in public picked up where she left off in back of police car

Hot Cat of the Day: These Milos Raonic and Larry lookalikes need to take this show on the road!

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