Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Song of the Day: 'Crush' by the Oblivious

As longtime readers know, I'm kind of obsessed with Holly Beth Vincent, best remembered for writing the song "Tell That Girls to Shut Up," which was recently heard on "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel." Not only do I think she's the most underrated woman of the New Wave -- she was right there with Debbie Harry and Chrissie Hynde in my book -- I'm fascinated and heartened that she has continued to find new ways to make music even after her "next big thing" moment passed (The Oblivious, Vowel Movement, CD Baby). I recently located her on Facebook, and if I'm not mistaken, it looks like she and a reformed version of her band The Italians are playing an upcoming gig at the Redwood Bar in Los Angeles, one I sadly will not be able to attend, Please reach out if you're going. If you're going, please know that I need to know EVERYTHING! (How about a return to NYC, Holly Beth?) 

An '80s gal has a '90s moment ...

Fun discovery on HBV's wall ... I'd forgotten just how beloved Cheap Trick was by the alternative crowd. 

Also found this photo on the Waitresses' Discogs page. Although it's widely known that Patty Donahue was briefly replaced by Holly during the fractious recording sessions for "Bruiseology," I had no idea Polydor ever set up any photo sessions. As I said when it was first released, it was a real missed opportunity to not include any of the songs Holly Beth recorded with the band on the 2013 "Just Desserts" compilation, which was purported to be their "complete recordings." Anyone have access to any of those? 

UPDATE: From a friend.

He writes:
I got "The Akron Sound" book for Christmas -- finally tells what really happened with the Waitresses. I think when Patty died Chris Butler didn't want to trash her but enough time has gone by ... 

Holly Beth Vincent was hired as a replacement... did a few gigs and then just didn't show up to one. That was the end of that. They imploded recording "Bruiseology" -- too much partying. Patty got pissed when Chris Butler started recording vocals with Tracey Wormworth. The band split but the record company offered Patty $$ to come back and do a video at least. Then she tried to continue the band without Chris -- and the other members were offered salaries. She recorded demos with new songwriters for a third album and the record company passed. 

Chris Butler says: "She went Hollywood on me -- bad advice from bad people." 

They did reconcile before she died. 😇

If ANYONE has access to those Patty demos, I will do anything to get my ears on them!

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