Thursday, December 20, 2018

Remains of the Day (12/20)

Boy Culture: The hottest Santa hunks of all time

Towleroad: Photographer with "straight guy fetish" gets 16 years for drugging, raping male models

Dlisted: Behold Rosie O'Donnell holding her new granddaughter

CBS News: How much you wanna bet Trump pockets the money his dolt supporters donated through GoFundMe to build a border wall?

Instagram: Dominic Thiem (still) has good taste in men

The Daily News: Welcome to the #Resistance, Gen. Jim Mattis

New York Post: Blue Apron becomes a penny stock after plunging below $1

Gr8er Days: 12 days of bizarre celebrity Christmas performances!

OMG Blog: Icelandic actor Gísli Örn Garðarsson naked and thick in the series "En Natt"

The Washington Post: U.S. stocks clobbered amid White House drama over shutdown

The Randy Report: Darren Criss explains why he won't be doing any more gay roles

Time: Trump administration begins discharging HIV-positive soldiers

Twitter: Madonna remembers Penny Marshall

Baseline: Federer hypes Nadal joining the 2019 Laver Cup

The New York Times: Turns out Trump's attorney general nominee also criticized the Russia investigation

1 comment:

WilD said...

Re: The WP: And yet he will continue to blame the Democrats, for both. If Donald ever says "The Buck Stops Here", it's in reference to his bank account.

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