Monday, December 17, 2018

Red Menace

This keeps Damian and me up at night to this day. How could SOME OF OUR OWN have been so gullible?


northalabama said...

not only this, but now they are coordinating beto o'rourke attacks in hopes of helping bernie this time around, too. apparently, bernie can only win by tearing others down, not on his platform.

no, that's not gonna fly next primary & election, not if i have any say in the matter - bernie and his vicious, gullible supporters are dead to me. what's even worse? i used to like bernie.

jaragon said...

I never understood the appeal of Bernie oh wait he was going to forgive their student loan debt- and who was going to pay for that- if the Democrats really want to take control of the White House they need to find a main stream candidate that appeals to the center of the country not just the extreme left.

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