Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Song of the Day: 'Runaway Train' by Culture Club

One of the standout tracks from the new Culture Club album, "Life." Sure, Boy George's voice is much deeper (grizzled?) than it used to be. But the quality of the melodies is what's so impressive, even all their years later. Interestingly, the song I've chosen for today was one of the ones that had been written a few years ago for the scrapped album "Tribes." It started out as a country-tinged tribute to Johnny Cash, but wound up with more of a soul feel. Both are good, but if you prefer the former you'd better not tell Miss O'Dowd, who had this to say to a fan on Twitter: 

Has it really been 19 years since their "reunion" album (that never even got a U.S. release)? 

The album version ...

A live version in the original style ...


Pip, Pip, hooray! 

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