Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Song of the Day: 'Hold Me' (demo) by Fleetwood Mac

Damian and I were listening to a bunch of music while lounging around our rented villa in Zakynthos, including the reissue of Fleetwood Mac's "Mirage." The bonus tracks are all interesting, none more so than the demo of Christine McVie's "Hold Me," which has a completely different, kinda of 1970s feel from the 1982 hit single. 

P.S. Have you been following the latest drama surrounding the band? No sooner did Christine McVie rejoin we learn that Stevie Nicks decided she'd finally had enough of Lindsey Buckingham, issuing a "him or me" ultimatum to the band after he "smirked" while she was talking during a MusiCares benefit show honoring the group in January -- and bitching about "Rhiannon" being played as the band's intro music. (Buckingham sounds exhausting.) But as was the case when Kathy Valentine was booted from the Go-Go's, I hate to see a classic lineup ripped apart. These guys have already been through ringer and back. Here's hoping Lindsey's retaliatory lawsuit ends with his rejoining the band. 


John said...

It sounds different, just like every demo from that time, because the band was Buckingham turning MEH into gold.

Blobby said...

That demo never knew where to end.........so it kept going. For whatever flaws Buckingham has, he is a good editor / producer. As for Nicks - at 71 and she is petty af.

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