Monday, October 29, 2018

Remains of the Day (10/29)

The Sun: Soccer star found dead, "almost beheaded with his genitals severed"

The New York Times: Gray Lady writes out-of-context headline to make it sound like Hillary Clinton is running for president in 2020

Towleroad: Knife-wielding Key West couple assaults gay tourists in hate attack sparked by man's Speedo

The Randy Report: The hunky shirtless violinist goes the distance as Hercules this Halloween

Reuters: Now Latin America's largest country has its own Donald Trump

Boy Culture: Halloween costume hotness!

Intelligencer: However the midterms go, the Republican Party is only going to get more extreme

The Daily News: Police say this young man was "pleasuring himself" on the subway and want your help tracking him down

Dlisted: Drama queen Colton Haynes is back with "ex-hubby he's known for one hour" Jeff Leatham

Greg in Hollywood: Hunky NBC newsman Peter Alexander makes even the worst news easy to swallow

Back2Stonewall: Tens of people expected to march in second "ex-gay" freedom march

Baseline: At least Genie Bouchard and Laura Robson are good at Halloween costumes

News4SA: A female teacher at a high school in Texas stands accused of outing a male student in front of her class by telling the student's girlfriend, "He's gay. He's just using you for a cover"

The WoW Report: So great to see Ann Magnuson again!

New York Post: Meet the woman a closeted Freddie Mercury fell in love with

Hot Cat of the Day: And I always tease Harvey that he reminds me of a combination of Tom and Jerry!

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