Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Acropolis Now

Spent an exhilarating 24 hours in Athens, where we painted the town red — found the local Elmo (Del Sol) and Julius’ (Enodia) — and befriended an alley cat or two then spent the following afternoon being history-awed tourists at the Parthenon and in Old Town. 

On the way home from partying, I bought some chicken on a stick knowing we would run into some hungry critters. (You’ve likely figured out by now my dream is to be reincarnated as a full-on cat lady.) And sure enough, not one block from where I’d bought the food did we run into this handsome little boy!

At first he was terrified and skittish — feral, I assumed. But after seeing what we’d brought — and scarfing it down in a way that nearly broke my heart — he began purring, kneading and rubbing up against us, clearly as starved for love as he was for food. There is obviously no way we could rescue him for good. But it felt nice knowing he had a full stomach — and some socializing practice we hope will help land him a home soon. (We called him Squeakers for obvious reasons!)

By the time we got on the Metro to the airport to finally get some much-needed R&R in Zakynthos — four cities in three countries over four days takes its toll — you can see why saying goodbye was bittersweet ...

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