Friday, September 21, 2018

'There Is a Special Hell for People Who Tear Down People Who Dare to Speak Up'

I'm so proud to call the woman who wrote this a friend:
As a survivor of sexual abuse as a child, you just didn't talk about it.  And just when you think times have changed, you have people arguing that boys will be boys or why did she wait so long to come out? Let me tell you in no uncertain terms, it's mortifying, humiliating, and very scary. You feel fear that your abuser will harm you or no one will believe you or even worse you will be blamed. This woman had to leave her home and hide her family as she is getting death threats, yeah, makes sense she is just making this up. WTF is wrong with people? For all of you making these arguments, pray that boys will stop being boys or that your daughters, sisters, aunts, or friends will have the courage and strength to speak up and out against abuse of any kind but don't be surprised if they don't with how people still react! There is a special hell for abusers and those who defend them or tear down people who dare to speak up. AND I am not saying Kavanaugh did or didn't do it, I'm saying these are ignorant responses being made by ignorant people, yeah, I mean Trump.

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