Friday, September 21, 2018

Remains of the Day (09/21)

Towleroad: Just because we jerked off to you back in the day doesn't make you a gay-rights advocate, Dean Cain (but you're forgiven, Brenda)

The New York Times: Rod Rosenstein suggested secretly recording Trump and discussed invoking 25th Amendment after Comey firing

UnPresidented: Rosie O'Donnell on Trump, Kavanaugh, her heart attack and more

Church and State: New York bishop says boys are "culpable" for their actions at age 7

Daily Intel: Crackpot Kavanaugh supporter presents insane theory, accuses another man of sexually assaulting accuser

Billboard: Music Modernization Act, which will allow artists to be paid more fairly, passes in Senate with unanimous support

NewFest: The film organization celebrates 30 years of LGBTQ storytelling

Dlisted: Mischa Barton descends deeper into Lindsay Lohan status, getting sued by U-Haul

Boy Culture: Now, before we shame this dude for shaving his entire body in public on someone's front lawn, let's stop and remember he could be homeless

CNN: In his latest nutty reversal, Trump no longer demands declassification of Russia documents

The Gay Almanac: Happy birthday to the wonderful Fannie Flagg!

Baseline: Young journalist takes note of how BIG Sasha Zverev is 

New York Post: Susan Collins is "deeply concerned" (again), but will vote yes anyway (again)

The Randy Report: Two gay men attacked in Washington, D.C.

Hunk du Jour: Newsman Gio Benitez's biceps are taking up the whole screen

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jaragon said...

Dean Cain's career has been reduced to starring in Christian theme exploitation movies

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