Thursday, September 06, 2018

Songs of the Day: 'The Bad Photographer'/'Wood Cabin' by Saint Etienne

Had a hoot seeing Saint Etienne last night on their 20th anniversary "Good Humor" tour. The trio was in fine form along with a full band and Dolly Mixture legend Debsey Wykes on backing vocals, cow bell and plasticwin instruments. The concert was extra special because I had seen the band at the same venue with my friend Ken when they first toured to promote the album in 1998, shortly after we had moved to the city from D.C. and now I was seeing them 20 years later with my guy, who first got into Saint Etienne with that very album. 

For those seeing them on the rest of the tour, fear not: They do "Good Humor" in its entirety then disappear for a lengthy period of time ... so lengthy, in fact, that a lot of the audience left. (The lights even came on briefly, which is the cue to exit.) But they do eventually come back out for another set of hits and assorted album tracks. (They even debuted a new song!)

As superfans may know, the two bonus CDs they announced would be sold at the show were delayed at the manufacturer, so they are selling them for $30 (cash only) at the merchandise table in the form of an I.O.U.Music. Hard to pick a favorite moment from the evening -- the music, the company, the beer on a hot summer night -- but Damian has always loved "Wood Cabin" and "The Bad Photographer," which he included on a mix CD he made me when we were courting, so they're my co-songs of the day!

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JimmyD said...

Yay! Missed them again. Nobody I know was interested and going to shows such as this alone sucks! Glad you guys enjoyed!!!

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