Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Remains of the Day (0925)

12Up: I fully approve of Baker Mayfield's tribute to Brett Favre

Los Angeles Blade: The 1993 March on Washington remembered in photos

International Jock: The best new briefs for men (shop)

Rolling Stone: Gary Numan may feel safe in his car, but you don't want to be near his bus

Instagram: How to pick up a twink

Dlisted: Ole' Puddin' Pop is going to the chokey for at least three years

The Randy Report: Convicted felon slash NRA president Oliver North defends Brett "Skippy" Kavanaugh

Instagram: Go-Go's bassist Kathy Valentines remembers celebrated rock photographer Robert Matheu

Towleroad: World leaders laugh after Trump claims he has accomplished more than any other U.S. president

Boy Culture: That's one visible penis line

Gr8er Days: The (bizarre) "Love Boat" premiered more than four decades ago, starring sexy Hal Linden and lovely Florence Henderson

Baseline: Andy Murray finally catches a break ...

Greg in Hollywood: Don Lemon opens up about his own sexual assault

Deep Dish: Never knew basic plaid boxers could be this sexy

Back2Stonewall: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention uses the term AIDS for the first time

Hot Cat of the Day: "If I'm quick, maybe no one will notice"


Unknown said...

Make em laugh,make em roar
All the world knows the score
Trump's a fool a con and a bore

jaragon said...

Brett Favre was sexier...it's not the boxers but the man who wears them...I could not stand Captain Stubbins on the Love Boat...

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