Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Birthday Boy

Today is Harvey's fourth birthday. I can't imagine going to bed at night and waking up each morning afternoon without that little face staring back at us. The only thing bad about adopting a rescue kitty is that we didn't get to enjoy the first two years of this little cutie! xo

Footnote: Harvey was approximately 18 months old when he was found in a Brooklyn feral colony trying to get some food. The people who look after the cats there immediately noticed he was domesticated -- he was being picked on by the alley cats and the second the caretakers arrived, he ran over to them and jumped in one of their carriers! -- and saw that he got on the road to a new home. When we adopted him, we did the math and decided Sept. 5 -- my late father's birthday -- would be a good "official" birthday for our little guy.

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