Thursday, August 02, 2018

Sequel to Gay Favorite 'Trick' in the Works

TEASER - So this is in the works....... just in time for the 20th (!!!) anniversary of TRICK next year. (Thank you Jayson Rivest for this amazing teaser image) — with Miss Coco Peru and Steve Hayes.

Just over the moon to see this on Facebook today. "Trick" holds such a special place in my heart, having come out right around the time I arrived in New York. I've always described it as "the most romantic movie about a hookup of all time" -- has there ever been a cuter guy than J.P. Pitoc? -- but really it's so much more. That it's never made it to the digital renting stage -- I've been dying to watch it with Damian -- is a crime. Maybe this sequel will finally give it the acclaim it so richly deserves.

From HERE.


M. A. Gay said...

"Trick" also holds a special place in my heart! Loved it, and would kill to own it!

Blobby said...

Tori Spelling's diner monologue is just. so. very. !!!

jaragon said...

It's a cute gay romantic comedy- we need more of those

Henry Holland said...

Has there ever been a cuter guy than J.P. Pitoc? Yes, Christian Campbell! I saw him in "Reefer Madness" around the time "Trick" came out. It was in a small theater here in Los Angeles, he was drop dead gorgeous.

Steve said...

This is awesome! This movie still holds a special place for me. I still have the soundtrack and vhs copy! Lol

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