Thursday, August 02, 2018

Remains of the Day (08/02)

Daily Intel: Trump unveils his plan to make America smoggy again

Towleroad: Houston man bludgeoned with rock, belt buckle while walking home from gay bar

The Daily News: Teen allegedly pushed 8-year-old off 31-foot tall water slide platform because the line was "taking too long"

Greg in Hollywood: Slovakian lefties do it better

New York Post: Two teens brutally killed their mother because ‘they couldn't take her complaining,‘ cops say

Boy Culture: Are you ready for a Hollywood ass-travaganza?

Film Experience: Meet the "Crazy Rich Asians"

The Washington Post: Why does anyone care what the pope thinks about anything?

Brooklyn Vegan: Smashing Pumpkins -- who are a "new" band to me -- brought their reunion tour to Madison Square Garden

Baseline: Benoit Paire has an epic meltdown -- even for him -- at the Citi Open

The Advocate: Eddie Murphy's blisteringly anti-gay comedy act scarred Guy Branum

Dlisted: Lucky woman gets $258,000 a month for having Blake Griffin's child

Metrosource: "Homosexuality in Animals" is now a zoo tour during Amsterdam Pride

The New York Times: Now Trump officials say the Russian threat is "real," but you might want to check back in an hour ...

HuffPost: Apple CEO Tim Cook says LGBTQ people are a "unique and special gift" to the world

Instinct: "Club Kid Killer" Michael Alig says he is homeless

Gay City News: Corruption, before and after Stonewall

OMG Blog: Sexy singer/actor Luke Benward bares all

Hot Cat of the Day: Me, every day at work ...

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Blobby said...

Alig is still such a mess. Yes, he was tired and "passed out" under a bridge. Meth will do that to ya.

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