Thursday, August 30, 2018

Remains of the Day (08/30)

Socialite Life: I forgive you, Noah Cenitneo

Dlisted: Prince Harry answers the question, "Is it possible for my ears to orgasm?"

Towleroad: The National Enquirer had decades of Trump dirt -- and he wanted to buy it all

Politico: Trump is so busy looking out for working people that he's eliminating pay raises for civilian federal employees next year

Columbus Dispatch: 145 former Ohio State students accuse former university physician of sexual abuse

New York Post: Was it necessary to body slam a Speedo-clad prankster who jumped into an inflatable pool?

Think Progress: Where on earth would this man have gotten the idea that this was acceptable behavior?

Deep Dish: The original poster for Sam Elliott's "Lifeguard" is more than a bit Tom of Finland 

HuffPost: Glenn Greenwald still isn't very bright

Boy Culture: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child is his muscular mini-me

The Washington Post: Yet another reason to love Beto O'Rourke -- he was in a punk band!

Gothamist: Woody Allen's "A Rainy Day in New York" has been "shelved indefinitely" by Amazon

Gay City News: Rashawn Brazell's accused killer convicted in separate murder

The Daily News: Sen. John McCain remembered during memorial services in Arizona

TV Line: The 10 biggest music divas of all time

Greg in Hollywood: I have a new blond obsession

The WoW Report: Piers Morgan is still awful

Gay Star News: Ohio politician arrested on 26 sex charges involving teenagers

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Hot Cat of the Day: I like this guy's little trot! 

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WilD said...

re: DD: "Every girl" ... and at least this guy's dream. Love me some Sam Elliott.