Monday, August 27, 2018

Remains of the Day (08/27)

GQ: Someone should be fired for this decidedly unsexy Chris Hemsworth shoot

Daily Intel: Trump threatens to kill Nafta after U.S., Mexico reach preliminary trade deal

Democracy Now: What the media leaves out of John McCain’s record of misogyny and militarism

ACLU: Florida court affirms dignity for transgender people, even in prison

The Daily News: Did John Goodman just say Roseanne will be dead on "The Conners"?

The New York Times: Joe Arpaio is in last place in Arizona’s Senate primary, a sign of how the state is changing

People: Tim Conway reportedly suffering from dementia, daughter and wife in fight over medical care

The Randy Report: I really think Cynthia Nixon should have run for Congress or waited for the next mayoral election, because you don't "reward" a sitting governor for doing everything the LGBTQ community wanted by kicking him to curb the second a lukewarm bisexual decides to run

Jeremiah's Vanishing New York: Antoni Porowski, the avocado enthusiast on "Queer Eye," is planning his first restaurant, the fast-casual Village Den.

The Hollywood Reporter: Asia Argento fired from "X Factor Italy"(!) following sexual-assault allegations

The WoW Report: 9-year-old Denver boy commits suicide after coming out to his classmates

OMG Blog: Tattooed "Ex on the Beach" cast member Zach Tull exposes himself

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Hot Cat of the Day: He's a cool rider!

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jaragon said...

Mr Hemsworth who can not take a bad photo- is obviously trying to go beyond "Thor" - he is very funny too bad nobody makes sexy romantic comedies anymore. Nixon is a DeBlasio stooge.

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