Friday, August 24, 2018

Remains of the Day (08/24)

Towleroad: Do you have "pretty privilege" (like Matthew Dempsey), and is it time for you to start admitting it?

CNBC: Trump Foundation CFO given immunity in federal probe of Michael Cohen

Dlisted: Jared Leto, shirtless and gyrating

The Randy Report: It sounds like every celebrity and their brother wants to be on "Will & Grace" ... again

The New York Times: Damian and I have been calling (German-Scottish-American) Donald Trump the "first Italian-American president" forever because of his all-bluster-no-brain, fake Mafioso demeanor forever -- and now the Gray Lady has also taken notice

The Daily News: Two charged in 1997 strangulation of transgender woman in Bronx

ESPN: Li Na, Goran Ivanisevic, Mary Pierce, Conchita Martinez on Tennis Hall of Fame ballot

Greg in Hollywood: Ronan Farrow talks about his latest (incredibly sad) scoop

HuffPost: Brutal attack on trans woman sparks fear in Malaysia's LGBTQ community

OMG Blog: I guess we know Yuval Segal wears a high-cut Speedo to the beach ...

Metrosource: First male NFL cheerleader causes uproar among bigots (shocker)

Hunk du Jour: Layton Draper is the captain of my heart

The WoW Report: Any excuse to revisit the glorious Eartha Kitt

Gr8er Days: Robin Leach, celebrity TV host, dies at 76

Queerty: Hunky hair stylist who hid spay cam in work bathroom because he was "sex starved" and on meth

Washington Blade: Tammy Baldwin in dead heat with her GOP opponent in Wisconsin Senate race

The Washington Post: Frozen-food heiress Tucker Carlson walks back South Africa conspiracy theory (but will Crazy Donald?)

Matthew's Island of Misfit Toys: More muscular models ... if you're into that kind of man

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