Thursday, August 23, 2018

Remains of the Day (08/23)

The Wall Street Journal: The other reason people wear AirPods

Coloradoan: Totally 80's Pizza changed its number to 867-5309 in epic 80s homage

Towleroad: Man charged in murder of Penn student Blaze Bernstein denies hate-crime enhancement in court

CNBC: David Pecker, publisher of the National Enquirer and longtime Trump friend, granted immunity in Cohen case

The Hill: Now even Beverley Leslie is getting mouthy with Donald

The WoW Report: Madonna takes to Instagram to "explain" her bizarre non-tribute to Aretha Franklin at VMAs

Village Voice: 10 memories of Aretha Franklin

TMZ: Ben Affleck stopped at Jack-in-the-Box on the way to rehab

The Daily News: "Stop being a f---ing snake and using my cousin's death as political propaganda": Mollie Tibbetts's family bashes Trump for using her death as a political weapon 

Gr8er Days: "Twilight Zone" vet Dewey Martin dies at 94

The Randy Report: Now Trump is threatening U.S. with a failing stock market if he got impeached

Back2Stonewall: Guy Pearce of "Priscilla" fame says it's dangerous to demand gay/trans roles only go to gay/trans actors

Tennis Life: Seeded No. 17, Serena Williams prepares U.S. Open run

Washington Blade: Second arrest made in D.C. murder of lesbian found in burning car

Hot Cat of the Day: Some backseat drivers are cuter than others ...


jaragon said...

Guy Pearce is right....Dewey Martin was very hot

WilD said...

re: Randy Report: What's next? The Earth will stop spinning?

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