Friday, July 06, 2018

Song of the Day: '9 to 5' by Phoebe Snow

Season 1: Rachel Dennison, Valerie Curtin, Rita Moreno, Jean Marsh and Jeffrey Tambor

As a child of the '80s I am completely at a loss on this one. I knew there had been a sitcom adaptation of the classic film "9 to 5." What I had no idea was that it wound up being on for FIVE seasons -- two on ABC and three in first-run syndication that began two years later -- and that its revolving door of actors included Jeffrey Tambor (as Dabney Coleman's Mr. Hart), who was replaced by Peter Bonerz (Dr. Jerry Robinson from "The Bob Newhart Show"); Rita Moreno (as Lily Tomlin's Violet Newstead), who was "replaced" by Sally Struthers(!); and Valerie Curtin, whose Judy Bernly (originally Jane Fonda, who was an executive producer of this travesty!) was axed in place for a new young gal (played by Leah Ayres) in the secretarial pool! (Dolly Parton's real sister Rachel Dennison played Doralee Rhodes.) Perhaps most surprising of all was that the late/great Phoebe Snow sang the classic Dolly song for the opening credits -- but only during Season 1. Dolly's were used the following five.

Damian spotted Marian Mercer (aka Missy Hart in "9 to 5" film) in this scene from Season 1

Season 2: Rachel Dennison, Jean Marsh, Peter Bonerz, Valerie Curtin and Rita Moreno

Season 3: Rachel Dennison, Rita Moreno and Leah Ayres

Seasons 4-6: Valerie Curtin, Edward Winter, Sally Struthers and Rachel Dennison

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